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15 gallon drum heater pro


Price: $758.00

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BH15 PRO 15 Gallon Drum Heater

With a BH15 PRO Powerblanket drum heater enjoy all of the great features from the BH15RR – But with additional temperature control capabilities ideal for materials that commonly require temperature ranges above 100 degrees Fahrenheit or frequent adjustments. With a drum heater, your materials investments are protected from getting burned or not adequately performing due to lack of heat. Downtime is cut thanks to rapid heating technology, and results are consistent with evenly distributed heat.

Powerblanket’s innovative three- zone heat design allows for even heating and adjusts automatically as the level of material in the drum begins to decline or is refilled. The three individual zones provide adequate and even heat, and if one zone becomes empty – It simply shuts off instead of wasting energy or causing materials below to burn. This saves money on both energy usage and material waste.

The BH15 Pro can be used on either a steel drum or a poly drum, fitting both with ease. The lightweight design is easy to install or remove – Installation consists of simply slipping the drum heater over the drum. The fully wrapped design is completely insulated, and the exterior protective of both the drum and the insulated properties. As with any job site wear and tear, inevitable repairs are easy and affordable with the Powerblanket repair kit.

Powerblanket provides additional drum and bucket heater solutions, as well as heating blankets, curing blankets and much more - Providing multiple industries with alternative heat solutions to combat cold weather climates or to provide adequate heat when your materials require it most. Browse the full catalogue online, or contact Intech Equipment and Supply for assistance in coordinating orders or custom requests for Powerblanket.

15 gal BH15 Pro 160°F ± 10°F w/ Adjustable Controller 120V 400 Watts 3.33 Amps


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