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red dragon rd 6009 roof dryer

SKU: RD 6009

Price: $3,000.00

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Red Dragon RD6009 Roof Dryer

Red Dragon roofing equipment by Flame Engineering has been among the industry favorites for decades. Innovative, reliable designs that offer a great value for the price keep Red Dragon at the top of a roofing contractor’s list. The RD6009 Roof Dryer will put you back to work when bad weather tries to slow you down. A roof dryer will save you labor cost and down time, and allow for continued operation even when the weather becomes unpredictable. The best time to use is after ponding water has been removed from the rooftop, the RD 6009 is intended to remove morning dew, frost or light debris.

The Red Dragon RD 6009 Roof Dryer defrosts, dries and gets you back on the job with minimum effort. Their rugged design and user friendly features make them the perfect choice for professional roofing contractors. The Roof Dryer works by combining high heat (up to 350 º F) and a 200 mph air stream to facilitate quick drying and reduce costly downtime. Because there are no electrical cords, the RD 6009 eliminates the danger of electrical shock commonly seen in competitor roof dryer designs.

RD 6009 Roof Dryer Applications:
  • Drying the rooftop (after removing any ponding water)
  • Morning dew removal
  • Frost – defrost and dry
  • Light Debris

The RD 6009 roof dryer heating system features a VT 3 12 S Burner with up to 250K BTU per hour. This mixes with the air to give drying power up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 C). The Blower on the RD 6009 is powered by a 5.5 HP Honda GX overhead cam premium 4 cycle engine featuring a recoil start. The 200 MPH air stream is powerful enough to dry up to 1,600 cubic feet per minute.

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