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phx40 proportioner 80;7.5kw; 5hp, 1ph

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The next generation PMC “Classic” PH Series offers the professional even more value and basic contractor rugged design.
  • Redesigned Electric Console
  • NEMA 4* Switches
  • New Reversing System
  • New Control System
  • Point to Point Wiring
  • Opposed Piston Metering Pumps
  • Digital Automatic Temperature Control
  • Open Frame Design
  • Heater, Pressure Range and Ratio Options
  • Automatic ISO Lube System
  • Hose Heat Tap Settings
Standard Features:

The PMC “Classic” Series PH was “Designed with the Customer in Mind” to provide applicator friendly and serviceability to meet today’s market place demands.

The electrical console has been redesigned to eliminate the use of delicate circuit boards and displays.

All switches are NEMA 4* rated to withstand the rigorous use required in spray applications.

The reversing system is initiated by proximity switches and controlled by solid state relays to virtually assure maintenance free operation and long service life.

The control system includes a selectable count-down device pre-set by the operator to interrupt the operation of the pump circuit for example; just prior to an empty drum set.

Point to Point wiring scheme makes troubleshooting a snap. All components are easily replaceable and readily available.

Opposed piston pumping is the industry benchmark and includes durable and easily serviceable ball checks.

The heart of the temperature system is the user friendly design of the temperature sensing unit. The hose temperature is sensed in the hose in close proximity to the gun. The sensor can easily be removed and replaced as required without opening or removing it from the hose.

The open frame design format allows easy access to all components.

Available up to 21.5 kw of heat, 2000-3500 psi and ratios of up to 1:4 & 4:1.

Automatic ISO lubrication system.

Manual Hose Heat Tap Settings to match length of hose being used.




  • Output
  • 40 lbs/min
  • 2.5 gallons/min
  • Max. Working Pressure
  • 2000 PSI
  • 3500 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length
  • 410 ft
  • 410 ft
  • Heater Wattage
  • 15,000 watts
    18,000 watts
    21,000 watts
  • 15,000 watts
    18,000 watts
    21,000 watts
  • Hose Heating Power
  • 120 Volts
  • 120 Volts
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature
  • 190° F
  • 190° F
  • Weight (w/o Hydraulic Fluid)
  • 520 lbs
  • 520 lbs
  • Electrical @ 15kW Heaters
  • 80 amps @ 3x230V
    130 amps @ 1x230V
  • 80 amps @ 3x230V
    130 amps @ 1x230V
  • Electrical @ 18kW Heaters
  • 93A @ 3x230V
  • 93A @ 3x230V
  • Electrical @ 21kW Heaters
  • 106A @ 3x230V
  • 106A @ 3x230V

PHX40 Proportioner 80;7.5kw; 5HP, 1ph


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