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10" in-line electric fan


Price: $695.00

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10 Inch Inline Axial Fan

The Air Systems International SVF – 10E has been meticulously designed for use in a confined space, to be attached to part of a series of ducting or functioning as a standalone axial fan. The standard SVF-10 is powered by an electric motor, and can accommodate 8 inch or 10 inch ducting. Both ends of the blower can be utilized to achieve either negative or positive ventilation, depending on jobsite demands. The design of the exhaust and intake flanges give flexibility to provide more return on your investment with one single axial fan.

To meet the demands of a lengthened run of ducting, hook several blowers together in a series. Extending reach capabilities can be critical on certain jobs, and with economical and dependable solutions coupled with instructional resources, you can eliminate the guesswork and any unnecessary spends on equipment and tools that aren’t required for the set up. For additional information, available products and resources, contact Intech Equipment and Supply today.

When working in a confined space, planning and proper education is key to preventing potentially catastrophic and dangerous outcomes. In addition to the standard SVF-10E axial fan, Air Systems International also can accommodate ATEX approved motors, as well as providing a 10” Explosion proof axial fan version. Additional parts and accessories are also available, including the Air Systems International patented Saddle Vent set up for hazardous work site environments.

Make safety and clean breathing air a priority on your jobs today, and avoid costly delays by preparing in advance. Confined space work is often planned, but job site emergencies can also lead to an urgent situation that requires access and readily available equipment. Make the choice to plan ahead, don’t wait for OSHA or a disaster to strike. Shop the full equipment selection for confined space and additional air supply accommodations today at Intech Equipment and Supply.


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