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90º elbow for saddle vent

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90º Saddle Vent Elbow for Confined Space

For 20 years contractors working in a confined space have been using the patented setup by Air Systems International, the Saddle Vent. One of the major challenges for safe operation in a confined space is the limited entry and exit that is restricted by other styles of fresh air conduits that block part of the opening. With the Saddle Vent, you can easily gain access or exit the confined space due to the unique design of the set up itself. Taking up only a few inches at the entry point, the ducting does not need to be removed and re-positioned each time a worked enters or exits the space. This cuts down on risk and potential human error if adjustment is overlooked, and also allows for even more natural light to gain access to the space itself.

The added flexibility with the 90 degree Saddle Vent Elbow makes set up even simpler! Install the 90 degree elbow onto the top of the Saddle Vent and install the ducting coming directly from the blower onto the 90 degree elbow itself. With just 6 simple steps, your Saddle Vent set up is ready to go, and without the risk of hindering air flow that can occur without the proper 90 degree angle in place.

Confined space work can be complicated and with the added stress that results from advanced safety precautions and equipment requirements, we can all be thankful for a simpler method with the Saddle Vent system. Such a rudimentary 90 degree angle allows for the set up to provide consistent air flow, and with out the need to constantly adjust the entry point placement each time you need to get in or out of the confined space.

Take comfort in the simplicity and meticulous design provided by Air Systems International. Browse their entire Saddle Vent system set up today at Intech Equipment and Supply!


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