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venturi blower

SKU: ASI-1000

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ASI-1000 16 Inch Venturi Blower

The ASI-1000 is the smallest in the line up of venturi blowers by Air Systems International. Also known as eductors or air horns, a venturi blower is used in a confined space area deemed hazardous. The blower itself is used to remove hazardous fumes or vapors collecting within the space. This versatile and affordable ventilation accessory can be operated with steam or with compressed air.

Designed to give a solution for ventilation in a storage tank located underground, the ASI 1000 Venturi blower is a safe way to remove hazardous fumes and is also safe to work around on the outside without any moving parts – This also contributes to the longevity of operation, essentially with no moving parts there is nothing to break! The cast aluminum material making up the base is light weight and easy to install, and the horn itself is made of a galvanized steel. The unit can be used in high heat areas, and sizes range from the ASI 1000 1422 CFM capacity to a 5041 CFM capacity model.

The ASI – 1000 gives a total air flow of 935 CFM at 50 PSIG. At 70 PSIG and 90 PSIG, the unit provides 1274 CFM and 1422 CFM respectively. The size of the base is API standard, and a standard grounding lug is provided with each Venturi Blower. Be sure to place your order for fittings for the air inlet separately as they are not included. The ASI 1000 Can also be used with the Petro Vent set up, just order the ASI-12ADPT part for compatibility.

For hazardous location work, safety is not an option it is a necessity. However this doesn’t mean that you must break the bank to adhere to best practices and provide good equipment. Browse the entire line up of Air Systems’ ventilation solutions here at Intech, or give us a call to discuss your unique needs. With Intech Equipment and Supply and Air Systems International, you get the best in products and the best in service.


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