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Shoe & Head Protection

Roofmaster Shoe & Head Protection

Browse our wide variety of safety products for shoe and head protection by Roofmaster. Ear plugs, safety glasses and shoe grips are among the lineup of available Roofmaster safety products, having you covered from head to toe. Keep your stocks replenished and ensure that every member of your crew has the proper tools available in order to complete their jobs safely. Roofmaster also provides replacement parts for safety supplies, such as ratchets for face shields, chin straps and visors.

Roofmaster also provides Korkers, a line of shoe grips that provide extra protection against slipping. These are especially useful in the roofing industry, and have developed a strong reputation. Korkers are easily affixed to your footwear, just simply stab them on to your boot. Then choose from the selection and attach one of three types of soles to make sure you have traction on whatever type of surface you need to work on. Korkers are great on surfaces ranging from soft and sticky, to wet and slippery. Replacement Soles are also available for Korkers, including metal, composite and spiked designs. Metal soles are ideal for smooth, wet surfaces and they feature a gripping sponge-like material. Composite soles give traction on asphalt composition shingles but will not leave any scuff marks on hot or soft roofs. The spiked soles are great for steep pitched roofs, wood shake roofs, or other difficult terrain.

Not able to find what you are looking for? We are here to help! In addition to Roofmaster safety products, we also carry complete lineups from Allegro Industries, Honeywell Safety, Bullard and more. Visit the Safety and Personal protection section of the Intech Equipment and Supply online store to browse available products. Our helpful staff is also available to assist you in putting together combinations of all the safety equipment that your crews require on a daily basis, please contact us for any questions or assistance today!


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