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contractor grade ac axial ventilation kit 15ft


Price: $725.00

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Air Systems Contract Grade Axial Fan Kit

Order the entire CVF-8AC set up with one easy kit by Air Systems International. Take all of the guesswork out, and get to work on the job faster with a comprehensive setting featuring all of the contractor grade trusted products. This kit includes the CVF-8AC Axial Fan, a 6 foot duct that comes with canister, as well as 15 foot ducting, the patented Saddle Vent, the 90 degree elbow and the universal mount. With no questions on compatibility or function, this is the answer in an economical kit.

This kit can be used in multiple different non-hazardous job site scenarios. Order for ventilation in confined space, boiler work, telecommunications, general related construction, electrical transformer work, general maintenance and more. The fan itself is powered by 1/3 horsepower motor and is extremely easy to handle and move about, weighing only 15 pounds. The 10 foot power cord allows you the flexibility to use it anywhere on the job.

The included Saddle Vent is Air System’s patented confined space air delivery system that eliminates all of the typical challenges seen at the entry point. The durable material and bright color make it ideal for construction related applications, and the design itself functions so as to provide the user with uninterrupted air flow. In addition, unlike other ventilation set ups, the Saddle Vent does not need to be moved and adjusted each time the worker enters or exits the confined space. The minimal space used for placement allows for you to pass through easily, and also even allows for more ambient light into the workspace.

Order your CVF-8A Kit today and get the Contractor Grade Axial Fan, Saddle Vent, ducting, 90 degree angle and the universal mount –all in one simple place! Contact the pros here at Intech for questions or for assistance if you are just seeking individual products and cannot locate them here on our site.


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